Heading West!

A few years ago, we ended up going to Las Vegas for a fun trip before kids (we were trying for kids but had get to get pregnant). Little did I know when we booked the trip with my in laws in August, that I would be pregnant for the trip in October (I found out like a week or two later after everything was booked that I was pregnant). While I couldn't do everything I wanted to on the trip, I am so thankful we went. It was Henry's first vacation (in my belly haha). One place I had been before, that I definitely wanted to visit again was the Grand Canyon. These photos are from our trip back to Las Vegas after we had stopped in AZ. We stopped at a few places including The Little Colorado River Gorge Overlook

These next two photos almost look like we're superimposed on a background, but we're not! It is truely that incredible and crazy to be so close to where it drops so suddenly. One of the things that is so important is to stay safely within the bounds of where to go. We saw so many people going places where they shouldn't and it can be so dangerous. There are always stories of people who have fallen. It is definitely better to stay safe!

After visiting the outlook, we made our way to the Grand Canyon. There are different places where you can stop when you visit the Grand Canyon. We stopped at a few different places: Navajo Point, part of the Rim Trail, Grand View point, and others. We stayed on the South side of the Grand Canyon, but one day we definitely want to visit the North Side (and visit the other National Parks in Utah!).

We definitely made sure to get a few photos of ourselves (thanks to my in laws for taking some photos of us together, that is definitely a bonus of having other family on trips with you!) and it is so nice to document moments like these. Especially knowing I was pregnant, even if you couldn't tell yet!

There are so many different places in the United States to visit. So many incredible National Parks that it could take a lifetime to visit. I am so glad we were able to take this trip, especially since it was my husbands first time to the Grand Canyon. I cannot wait to go back again one day!

If you ever find yourself in this area, make sure you stop and visit the Grand Canyon, it is such an awe inspiring place to visit every single time.