Hi, I'm Jennifer

Hi! I’m Jennifer! A portrait and family photographer here in sunny St. Augustine, Florida. I believe in the kinds of images that remind you of the joy that can be found in the simplest of moments together. I believe in images that reflect you and your family.

I began photography when I got my first real camera in high school. My love for photography only grew from there and now I love documenting moments on both digital and film. 

When I pick up my camera, I strive to create beautiful images that tell a story and showcase the beauty of both the people in the images and the world around them. Even with it’s ups and downs, your life, your story, are beautiful and I can’t wait to create images to show that.

Why I do what I do

For me it all started when I got that first camera of my very own. I wanted to document every moment. In college, I was definitely that girl that was documenting all the fun moments that were being had on campus and off.

After college, it was wanting to document all the exciting moments of my own. From getting engaged to documenting our honeymoon trip to California and that’s around when I realized I wanted to start documenting moments for other people.

I started with couples and second shooting weddings. As time has passed I realized that I wanted to focus on those small moments.

Documenting individuals. Documenting couples. Documenting families. That is where my love for photography lies.